Who can adopt?

Who can Adopt?

At Diagrama Adoption, we welcome enquiries from anyone interested in adoption. There are often misconceptions about who can adopt so we hope our Adoption FAQs below help to answer any questions you may have.

Who can adopt – Frequently asked questions

Am I too old to adopt?

Anyone over 21 can apply to adopt a child – at Diagrama Adoption we have no upper age limit but your age and general state of health may be taken into account when considering the age and needs of the child you wish to adopt.

Do I need to be married to adopt?

Absolutely not - our adopters can be single. They can also be married couples, in civil partnerships or unmarried couples (whether heterosexual or same-sex) – the important thing is that you can demonstrate your relationship is lasting, constant and enduring.

I am from a minority ethnic background - can I adopt?

We welcome adopters from all backgrounds, regardless of race/ethnicity. In fact, there is a disproportionate number of children in need of adoption who have minority ethnic heritage and local authorities often prefer to match children with adopters from similar backgrounds.

Do you need to be religious to adopt?

No, we welcome enquiries from people of any or no religious faith.

I live abroad – can I adopt with Diagrama?

We are only able to accept applications from people who are permanent residents of the UK, or habitually resident for at least one year.

My partner is a smoker, can we still adopt?

We encourage applicants to be non-smokers and, if a previous smoker, to have given up for a least 12 months. It is Diagrama Adoption’s policy not to place children under the age of five in households where there are people who smoke.

We have been through IVF, can we still adopt?

If you have undergone infertility investigations and/or treatment we would expect a period of at least six months to have lapsed since deciding not to proceed further before taking up an adoption application. If you are considering adoption after losing a baby, you may find our blog post Things to Consider After Baby Loss a helpful read.

What about my job? Can I still work after adoption?

Adopters can be employed, have their own business or be unemployed. You do not need to be financially well off and may be on benefits. We will want to discuss finances with you to ensure you could manage the financial responsibility of a child. You may be entitled to Adoption Leave – similar to maternity leave – for Government advice on this see Adoption Pay and Leave.

I live in a flat – would that stand against my adoption application?

Not at all – although your adopted child should have their own bedroom and your home should have appropriate, adequate and stable accommodation.

Irrespective of any difficulties you may think you have had in your life, we're interested in hearing from you and about how you can offer a child a permanent, loving home, with the energy, determination, motivation and sense of fun that it takes to be a parent.