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With our help, you can give a child or young person a place to call home.

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Diagrama are here to support you throughout your adoption journey

Diagrama Adoption is an independent Voluntary Adoption Agency, rated GOOD by Ofsted.
Our team is dedicated to finding loving families who are able to offer a permanent home for children in need of adoption across South London, Surrey, East and West Sussex, Berkshire and Kent.

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Diagrama Adoption focuses on finding adopters for children who wait the longest for adoption.

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Siblings or older children (3+)

Boys, girls, brothers and sisters all need a forever home.

We work hard to find adopters who are willing to adopt brothers and sisters too, as it is often in the best interests of the children that they find a family where they can stay together, rather than risk the trauma of further separation.

Young ethnic minority children sitting on a bench with arms around each other
Minority ethnic heritage children

Children of black or mixed ethnicity can wait the longest to be adopted. We are looking for adopters who children can identify with visually, emotionally and culturally.

By embracing cultural differences and prioritising the child's well-being, prospective parents can offer a permanent, loving space where a child can flourish and reach their full potential.

Special needs boy with orange glasses laughing
Children with a disability or additional needs

Adopting a child with a disability is an act of love and commitment. It's a journey of learning, growth, and the immense satisfaction of nurturing a child and witnessing their progress.

By embracing the unique needs of each child and seeking the necessary support, families can create a loving and secure environment where every child with a disability can thrive.

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Diagrama Adoption has been rated GOOD in all areas by Ofsted.

"Many adopters fed back that they would recommend this agency to other prospective adopters. Adopters are prepared and supported to ensure they have a holistic overview of their children's needs."
Ofsted March 2024

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What does Ofsted say?

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children a day enter the care system in the UK

Home For Good


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of children have been waiting 18 months or more

Home For Good

Adopt a child with Diagrama

We know you will have lots of questions, and our knowledgeable friendly team are on-hand to answer them. We provide fully comprehensive support, training and education to all of our potential adopters from the enquiry stage onwards. People consider adoption for many different reasons and we understand how difficult it can be to take those first steps.

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Adopt a child

Our comprehensive collection of guides on everything from what is adoption to who can adopt and more.

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The adoption process

To help you understand more about what’s involved in adopting a child, here are details of the stages in a typical adoption journey.

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Adoption FAQs

Learning about adoption can be overwhelming. Try our collection of frequently asked adoption questions for some quick answers.

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Ongoing support for parents

Once you’ve adopted with Diagrama, you’ll be part of our community. Our wide network of adopters benefit from a range of activities, including adoption support groups, picnics, parties and outings for the whole family, where you’ll get the chance to socialise with other adopters and our team. It’s a great way to meet families and share experiences.

Adoption support services

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Adoption high fives

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  • Discuss your current circumstances to find out if adoption is right for you.
  • Learn about how Diagrama support our adopters with a generous benefits and support package.
  • Ask us any questions you have about adoption.