Education advice

Education advice

Education support for your adopted child

Diagrama Adoption recognises the vital importance of education and the impact on the outcomes for children who are adopted.

To address the daily challenges faced by carers and adopters, our specialist education adviser helps adopters to access the most appropriate educational support.

Elaine Mattera has worked within the education sector for the past 30 years, predominantly in primary schools as both a class teacher and headteacher. She is also an experienced adopter, having adopted siblings with her husband in 2006.

She provides advice on educational issues, as well as one-to-one support where possible.

She also runs our education workshops and attends our adoption support groups.

If Diagrama adopters would like support with their child/young person’s education, email and Elaine will respond directly.

From time to time we plan to hold online question and answer sessions open to adopters and foster carers from outside the organisation as well. Dates will be published on our adoption events page.

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