Loss, Grief and Transitions

Event date: 

Monday, 10 September, 2018
Croydon (9am - 1pm)

It is essential for adoptive parents to understand the complexities that children may display as a result of loss and grief they may have experienced. Children will express their emotions in different ways. Some may internalise their emotions while others may present as being sad or perhaps have angry outbursts. Children experiencing loss and grief will require resilient caregivers who can provide a lot of emotional support.

Loss, Grief and Transitions is a training programme aimed at adopters who are in stage two, are approved, have children placed with them or who have adopted. It focusses on understanding loss and grief in adopted children and how this can affect their overall development and any changes throughout their life.

The programme will cover the following:

* Loss and grief in adopted children and their potential lifelong impact

* Struggles when it comes to change and transitions

* Techniques that can be adopted when caring for a child experiencing loss and grief

To find out how to reserve your place, email adoption@diagrama.org or call 0800 802 1910