Attachment and Trauma

Event date: 

Monday, 25 June, 2018
Croydon (9am - 2.30pm)

Attachment, simple and complex traumas can all have a profound impact on a child and their development. The way attachment issues and trauma manifest in a child’s behaviour can be confusing and difficult for adopters to understand.  Many children who are adopted may not have previously experienced positive relationships and instead, may have been subject to neglect and abuse.

Attachment and Trauma is a training programme aimed at adopters who are in stage two, are approved, have children placed with them or who have adopted. It focusses on understanding trauma and attachment and how both affect adopted children.

The programme will cover the following:

* What is trauma and how it affects attachment

* How is a child’s overall development and daily functioning affected by trauma

* Ways in which to manage trauma and attachment difficulties

To find out how to reserve your place, email or call 0800 802 1910